An essayist and a poet walk into a bar, order a whiskey and a beer. I am glad we are here together, said the essayist, sipping his beer. I do so enjoy our conversation. The poet smiled generously. It just seems to me that two people as different as ourselves can learn a lot by […]

Not another Typewriting Monkey

I am a lover of libraries. The hushed tones muffled by stacks of leather and parchment, the stillness of bodies that denotes movement of minds, and the indescribable sensation of being surrounded by so much wisdom and imagination and pieces of people that have lived and died in the ever-turning cycle of humanity. I love […]

paper bandages

Ten thousand words cannot heal the smallest cut but what about ten million? if I– ceaselessly writing, pen dripping black sweat– composed an epic poem that began with your pain and ended with removing the heart string sutures from your arm, would You put your lips to my ear and whisper You are forgiven? I […]

step by step

I swim through shimmering seas as waves of heat crash o’er me my dusty toes rasp shifting sands of known lands long deserted my past lives steadily pass me my loudest lies will outlast me: inward outcast, outward coward façades cast a ghastly shadow but oh! the beauty of the buzzard I trust above in […]

Love and Fireflies

A thunderstruck lightning bug Alighted on a lovers thumb. “My dear sweet bug,” the young chum sung. “I feel the thrum of your lighted bum. “O Little lamp that glimmers in trees, I’ve never seen such quivering knees. Your life sparks shine electrically, What could have shocked one such as thee?” “I am a mess, […]

Untitled 01

morning poems don’t rhyme have no meter are untitled have only good intentions Hell’s cobblestones, eh? I cobble them together in the frail light grasping in the mist til my sleeves are soaked wrassling with an angel in last night’s dream castles in the sky that I can’t get back in discontiguous scenes disassociated bodies […]

I, Future Dead Optimist

Dear Me! How different is the meaning of that phrase whether it ends with a comma or an exclamation point. I don’t mean to be (archaicly) over-dramatic, but I would not have this mistaken for a letter. It has no recipient. These are words from a voice floating through the stars, disembodied from celestial bodies. […]