Sit Down

I believe in the power and value of humility. Blame it on my Quaker upbringing if you’d like, although regardless of your religious or moral philosophy there is an inarguable inevitability to humility; somehow, some way, we must all accept our own limits, even if it is not until the moment before our death. Beyond […]

A Mantra for the Searching Soul

When in doubt, create. Let this be the mantra of the craftsman and the artist, but not them alone. Let this be the mantra for all people who wish to Live. Let this be the rallying cry of humanity, the words stitched to the banner of human progression, the epitaph etched on every gravestone across […]

Metaphysical Reassurance: 5 Cents

Most unanswerable questions have an easy answer. Of course that doesn’t mean that it’s the right answer—there is no right answer to an unanswerable question. We call those Questions ‘unanswerable’ because we can never be certain what the answers are, but humans have been tossing out possibilities since the beginning of our fragile history. How […]

The New American Dream

Would you rather be rich or famous? For most of human history those were one and the same—power was so consolidated that if you were anyone with influence, then you had lots of wealth (a causal relation that went both ways). In ancient times, think kings and emperors—really anyone from bygone eras whose name is […]

The Facts of Feelings

  John Oliver’s show covering the RNC convention had an extended piece in which he examined the Republican party’s embracing of feelings over facts—or rather, that the Party is willing to equate and substitute the two interchangeably. It was in the standard vein of Oliver’s mentor, Jon Stewart, whose tenure at the Daily Show was […]

The Last Light

There is no sadder blue than the blue of the world after the sun sets, and that color knows a thing or two about sadness. It is a deep, contemplative sadness, respectful of the recently deceased. It is the sadness of a sudden loss, but one that has long known to be inevitable. The world […]


I believe in little super powers. Superpowers that cannot be used to fight crime or change the world—no flying, or laser-vision, or talking with dolphins (is that Aquaman does?)—but powers nonetheless. Little super powers are something possible, but not common; somewhere between ordinary and extraordinary. Some people tan really easily. Others can eat anything they […]