Along the Path

Step back fast enough and you’ll see yourself: Looking back with concentrated disconnection A looking glass is no mere place for introspection It’s the manifest destination of manifested self-reflection When the you of imagination becomes the you of perception Travel of mind and time is an exhausting intersection Don’t expect this exercise to be an […]

Part I

She loved him immediately and unreservedly as a spark loves a pool of oil. She wanted to leap onto him, to set him ablaze and let herself be consumed, but from a lifetime of experiences beyond her control she had learned to control herself. And she did so now, though every inch of her being […]

Show and Tell

I love anyone, Beautiful and True, who holds in hand their bleeding heart for show and tell or just for show there is Truth in pain; in blood gushing out open pipes with desperate futility Life til the bitter end Life til life no more but Beauty lies in the other hand, whether it clenches […]

Ode to an Old Friend

Consider this: You can’t write out fundamental principles of metaphysics without fun! You shouldn’t write Truth without a good sense of humor And it’s in bad taste to smell the site of something touching, even here— Triangulated between the heart, the head, and the funny bone; Let a doctor shoulder the responsibility of finding the […]


An essayist and a poet walk into a bar, order a whiskey and a beer. I am glad we are here together, said the essayist, sipping his beer. I do so enjoy our conversation. The poet smiled generously. It just seems to me that two people as different as ourselves can learn a lot by […]

Not another Typewriting Monkey

I am a lover of libraries. The hushed tones muffled by stacks of leather and parchment, the stillness of bodies that denotes movement of minds, and the indescribable sensation of being surrounded by so much wisdom and imagination and pieces of people that have lived and died in the ever-turning cycle of humanity. I love […]

paper bandages

Ten thousand words cannot heal the smallest cut but what about ten million? if I– ceaselessly writing, pen dripping black sweat– composed an epic poem that began with your pain and ended with removing the heart string sutures from your arm, would You put your lips to my ear and whisper You are forgiven? I […]