A Mantra for the Searching Soul

When in doubt, create.

Let this be the mantra of the craftsman and the artist, but not them alone. Let this be the mantra for all people who wish to Live. Let this be the rallying cry of humanity, the words stitched to the banner of human progression, the epitaph etched on every gravestone across the globe.

Let these words be not misconstrued.

The beauty of creation is not the end result alone. The beauty of creation is also the process; the struggle, the intentional advancement, pushing through the pools of blood, sweat, and tears, that in itself is a worthy creation. The beauty of creation is that the end result is a testament to that hard work and dedication, whether fleeting or eternal, whether appreciated or dismissed, whether witnessed or unseen.

Great creations are imbued with great beauty, but greatness is not a requisite for beauty. The smallest accomplishments are beautiful, the simplest works of art are still true, and the tiniest trickle of sweat is glorious. Do not be dismayed by the greatness of others’ accomplishments or allow yourself to be limited by the standards imposed by others—but neither must you allow yourself to be limited by your own fears or insecurities. Identify the shadows that hold you back, so that you may know which can be ignored and which deserve respect.

If these words do not ring true then turn to your own intuition instead. Close your eyes and recall the feeling of sweat streaming down your face, of the puzzle pieces of your mind falling into place, of practice coalescing into perfection and accomplishment’s own specific brand of euphoria spreading throughout your body. Now recall listening to your favorite songs, to reading your favorite books, to witnessing any of the epic constructions of humanity strewn across the globe and the same spreading of warmth, this time called awe; the gift given to the appreciative observer.

This is why creation is so beautiful. Not only is accomplishment satisfying, inspiring, and salubrious for yourself but it is equally beneficial for every other person as well. There is no limit to the amount of happiness that can be spread by honest accomplishment or an end to the exponential effects it may have on humanity. Through the channels of inspiration, creation begets creation. Art begets art. Beauty begets beauty.

So go out and create. Create art, create food, create furniture and clothes and toys and puzzles and sanctuaries and friendships and scientific instruments and traditions and world records and everything that your heart sings for you to create. Create for yourself. Create for those around you. Create for those yet unborn. Create for the beauty of it and do not allow ego, insecurity, or mundane concerns to ever get in the way of your creation. Do not doubt yourself.

But when in doubt, create.


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