Why Not?

Live fast, die young. Why? That is a false dichotomy in my book. Why not live fast and die very old? Or live fast and die never. Live fast, live forever. Why not that?

Living fast is a way of life that has been misappropriated by hedonists. Well no, they are not to blame—living fast is what hedonists do—rather it is a larger collective that is at fault for unfairly tethering fast living to hedonism. Cannot I live fast and be an upstanding citizen, like a politician or school teacher? Cannot I live fast in a way that does not hurt those around me, in a way that enriches the lives of others and betters humanity as a whole?

Shit, Martin Luther King Jr. lived fast and he was one of the greatest progressive leaders of all time. That guy did work; he was constantly traveling around to spread his message, and even when they locked his body in prison his mind turned into higher gear. He lived fast through his written words, his spoken words, and his immortal actions. MLK lived fast and lives forever.

Live life to the fullest—yes, the fullest! Which means do not just pack as much living into each moment as you possibly can, but also pack as many moments into your life! Exteeennnnd that motherfucker and live fast for as many years as you possibly can. If Polonius had any sense he would have advised: “Neither a sprinter, nor a marathoner be,” but he lived slowly and died before too long. If you practice, believe, try hard enough, you can run hard, run fast, for a long, long, long time. Perhaps at the end you will drop dead, but you will do so with a great big smile on your face, falling headfirst across the finish line and into the halls of eternity.

Do not limit life with mathematical principles, ‘tis not a zero sum game! Do not look down on hedonists or pity those living with moderation and foresight, instead gather lessons from both. Live for the moment, appreciate the moment, and have enough love for the moment to live in a way that you have many more of them. And if you think you are up for it, live in such a way that you will continue living long after your body has stopped.

Live fast, live forever.


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