Every Night

When I’m high I seek your mind, then wonder does it matter Is it only in lands of fallacy the former beats the latter? Contrariwise! Says I, I say; the never saddened satyr After all only half of me has need of any hatter And I’ll pass on all caps ’til my other half gets […]

New Beginnings

The warm beating heart of the morning clutched between my hands; it tastes like many others and reminds me this is not the first time I have been reborn   It may be a new bird outside my window a new list of to-do’s a new lover still lying in my bed but this is […]

Naked and Afraid

I sit on a raised platform—a stage, of sorts, but one designed by a carpenter months behind on his projects rather than an aesthetically minded patron of the arts—looking out onto a high ceilinged room of white walls and tall windows. A dozen easels are arranged in a jumbled semi-circle of sorts, and a few […]

Along the Path

Step back fast enough and you’ll see yourself: Looking back with concentrated disconnection A looking glass is no mere place for introspection It’s the manifest destination of manifested self-reflection When the you of imagination becomes the you of perception Travel of mind and time is an exhausting intersection Don’t expect this exercise to be an […]

Part I

She loved him immediately and unreservedly as a spark loves a pool of oil. She wanted to leap onto him, to set him ablaze and let herself be consumed, but from a lifetime of experiences beyond her control she had learned to control herself. And she did so now, though every inch of her being […]

Show and Tell

I love anyone, Beautiful and True, who holds in hand their bleeding heart for show and tell or just for show there is Truth in pain; in blood gushing out open pipes with desperate futility Life til the bitter end Life til life no more but Beauty lies in the other hand, whether it clenches […]

Ode to an Old Friend

Consider this: You can’t write out fundamental principles of metaphysics without fun! You shouldn’t write Truth without a good sense of humor And it’s in bad taste to smell the site of something touching, even here— Triangulated between the heart, the head, and the funny bone; Let a doctor shoulder the responsibility of finding the […]